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The Mystical Natural Infrared Gemstone Mineral Sauna/Steam

Natural Infrared Ray & Gemstone Mineral Sauna/Steam is a remarkable natural physical therapy that assists the prevention and healing of chronic lethargy, lack of energy, obesity, blood pressure, insomnia, neuralgia and other diseases.
  Infrared ray is a thermal ray along with the Chinese herbs used in the Gemstone Sauna/Steam helps to promote vitality of life.  It promotes blood circulation, metabolism and contributes to promotion of vitality.  It is an epochal method of infrared ray physical therapy, contributing to chronic fatigue treatment, reinforcement of stamina, elimination of poisonous waste, improvement of physical constitution, obesity treatment, counteraction of poison, blood pressure adjustment, insomnia treatment, healthier skin, prevention and healing of other diseases.

We believe “Keep It Simple & to the Point”.  Once you arrive at NATURAL SPA you will experience the natural process of our “Stress Management” program while enjoying the soothing scents of our aromatherapy throughout our spa.

Now we invite you to experience our world renowned Gemstone Mineral Sauna & Steam Rooms before you relax with one of our treatments specializing in the “Original Shiatsu Massage”, unlike any luxury spa has to offer.

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