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First time with us? Here are some tips to make your experience with us memorable!

Before your massage
Arriving early is a great help. You can begin your relaxation by taking a nice long hot shower on our newly renovated shower room. Before the massage begins, your therapist will ask you some questions regarding your treatment. Be prepared to mention any recent surgery, injury, allergy to oils or lotions, skin conditions, or any health concern.
During your massage
It is common to undress completely, but you may leave your underwear on, if that is more comfortable.. During Swedish massage the body remains completely covered except the area where the oil is applied. Shiatsu massage keeps the body covered with a towel or sheet throughout the entire massage. Always feel free to communicate with your therapist. Which areas of your body feel tense, achy, tight or sore? Do you like deep pressure? Do you prefer a lighter, more soothing touch? Every body is different. Please communicate your preference. Deep work is perceived differently by every body. Therapeutic deep work should never make you feel uncomfortable. If at any time during your massage, you experience discomfort or pain, please communicate immediately with your therapist. Relax, breathe, and close your eyes. This is your time.

After a massage
Massage therapy promotes circulation and the release of toxins from body tissues. Drinking water will help to flush the toxins and prevent dehydration. Massage is basically passive exercise. You may feel exhilarated, calmly relaxed, euphoric, or slightly sore following your massage. These effects may last for a few hours or a few days.

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